Monday, 5 October 2009


Ignore lists are a little problematic and there are disadvantages to being too hasty. Someone having a bad day might be a useful contact tomorrow.

However bad behaviour is often repeated and it doesn’t make sense to get bitten twice.

This weekend I cleared my ignore list. Only four names were listed as I am fairly thick skinned.

I began anew with a new policy. From now on if I feel someone deserves ignoring then I send a short, politely worded message explaining why they will now be ignored. They can then reflect on what has happened.

Readers may want to comment on what they consider ignore worthy behaviour.

I had two people listed before the weekend was out. One left a 10man raid we had spent a considerable amount of time recruiting after one wipe. Apparently his guild needed him. His ‘guild’ consisted of two other players, neither of which were level 80. I have to wonder what urgent raid he had to run off to. Predictably his departure caused a domino effect, everyone left, and all that time waiting around had been wasted.

The second successful candidate was in Arathi Basin, when a nobody (yes this sounds haughty but I mean a character of no repute nor notable guild) felt it was appropriate to /spit on me. If like myself, you’ve been bought up in a noble Darnassian bloodline, the idea of a random human spitting at you is intolerable. Nevertheless I had the pity to politely question why, but it seemed the neanderthal was unable to articulate any grudge or rivalry.


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  1. I usually put people on Ignore for a few days, then take them off again. By that time they probably forgot who I am, and I probably forgot why I put them on /Ignore by then.